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Cast of Combatants


Admiral of the Grand Fleet John Rushworth Jellicoe


Born: December 5, 1859 
Place of Birth: Southampton, Hampshire       
 Died: November 20, 1935.  

-When Jellicoe joined the Royal Navy, he first served on the HMS Britannia as a cadet.      

-In the course of 42 years, Jellicoe became the Admiral, a position he was appointed when on August 4, 1914.     
-Served in the Urabi Revolt(1879-1882), Boxer Rebellion(1899-1901) and WWI (1914-1916)      
 Was the Commander of the Grand Fleet during WWI. Head of the British Grand Fleet during the Battle of Jutland.  
-Promoted to Viscount in 1918 and then Admiral of the Fleet in 1919.      
-A year later he became Governor-General of New Zealand and served there for 4 years.    

-By 1925 Jellicoe was made Earl, the last promotion of his life, for he died 10 years later in 1935.     




Admiral of the German High Seas Fleet Reinhard Scheer    


Born: September 30,1863          

Birthplace: Obernkirchen, Hesse.         

Died: November 26, 1928         


-By the young age of 15, Scheer joined the Kaiserliche Marine( Imperial Navy), as a cadet on the ship SMS Niobe.         

-Earned the highest honor from the Kingdom of Prussia, the Pour le Merite (Blue Max).         

-In 39 years of service, Scheer advance to the rank of Admiral.         

-Launched in the year 1933, the pocket battleship Admiral Scheer, was named after Reinhard Scheer to honor him.         

– The Admiral Scheer ship was very decorated, having served in the Spanish Civil War and throughout WWII as a commerce raider.         



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