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World Cup Results





       Finally the moment the world has been waiting for has arrived. Netherlands and Spain squaring off at the final match of the World Cup at Soccer City, Johannesburg. Almost 85,000 have showed up for this match all waiting in high anticipation for the results. For the Netherlands, this is the 3rd time they make it to the finals, also making it in 1974 and 1978. Spain however has never made it into the finals but made it into 4th place in 1950. I will recap about the last hour of the game going over the most important events, starting from the unsuccessful header by Sergio Ramos to the game wining kick by Andres Ineista, giving Spain its first World Cup win. After Sergio Ramos’s unsuccessful header, Andres Ineista committed a foul on Mark Van Bommel by pushing him, giving Johnny Heitinga a free kick which he took with his right foot. What seemed like a perfect goal for Andres Ineista was fouled by Mark Van Bommel who threw him on the floor. Arjen Robben went for the goal but was caught between two Spanish players, goalie caught the ball. Sergio Busquets committed a foul on Gregory van der Wiel and Arjen Robben was given a yellow card. At 86 minutes, Cesc Fábregas was substituted on for Xabi Alonso. At 87 minutes Joris Mathijsen committed a foul on David Villa. Andrés Iniesta took a free kick with right foot. At 89 minutes it seemed that Netherlands would score its first goal but Robin van Persie of Netherland was called offside giving Spanish Carles Puyol, a free kick which he took right footed. At 90 minutes, injury time was announced, adding three minutes to the 90 that had gone by so far. A goal kick taken by Iker Casillas of Spain at 93 minutes but no goal was scored.

       After a tough 90 minutes, neither team had yet scored a goal. The period ended after a short break, and the teams went to 15 minutes extra time, with David Villa of Spain attempting a goal kick that went wide at 91 minutes. Spain was now constantly attacking Netherlands goal with a corner kick taken by Xavi of Spain and then a left footed shot on the goal taken by Cesc Fabergas. It seemed that the ball would go in but for the breathtaking save by Netherlands goalie Maarten Stekelenburg who slide kicked it out of the goal. Both Spain and Netherlands have never scored have never scored a goal in extra time. Wesley Sneijder took a corner kick which Joris Mathijsen headed, followed by Iker Casillas of Spain who attempted a goal shot. Lets go ahead 5 minutes to Xavi of Spain who attempts a corner kick followed by David Villa being called offside and a free kick taken Netherlands Maarten Stekelenburg. Fabergas takes a free kick and then takes another kick at the goal but the shot goes wide and Maarten takes a goal kick. Edson Braafheid of Netherlands is substituted for Giovanni van Bronckhorst. The end of the first extra time period has arrived and still no goals.

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  1. 7/1/2010 at 6:15 PM

    I like this post. It was almost as good as watching the game itself. I especially liked the way Maarten Stekelenburg deflected the ball from the goal. Can’t wait for your next post.

    • 7/1/2010 at 6:17 PM

      Thank you for your comment. I’m glad you enjoyed my post. Check out my other ones too. Hope you visit this blog again.

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