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World Cup Results Part 2

       As the second extra time period starts people are beginning to wonder if this will lead to the penalty kicks. So far in the game, Spain has been pressuring Netherlands and keeps getting real close to the goal. Kudos to Netherlands too for putting up such amazing defense. Johnny Heitinga given a red card, his second yellow and leaves the field. Netherlands is left with 10 players total. Xavi takes another crack at the goal from 21 m but his shot goes wide and Maarten Stekelenburg takes the goal kick. Foul committed by Gregory van der Wiel on Andrés Iniesta. Gregory van der Wiel given a yellow card. At 111 minutes Jesus Navas goes for a goal shot but the goal kick is taken by Maarten Stekelenburg . Arjen Robben is called offside. Foul committed by Fernando Torres on Gregory van der Wiel. Maarten Stekelenburg takes a free kick because they only have 10 players. Finally at 115 minutes Andrés Iniesta of Spain, assisted by Cesc Fábregas, shoots right footed, and scores right into the left side of the goal. A clean, perfect goal executed by an great player. The Spanish fans roar with joy. The Spanish team pile up on each other, hugging, crying, and shouting from happiness. Joris Mathijsen is none to happy about the outcome of the game and argues with the referee. The Spanish team has made history, winning the first World Cup for Spain. They will go on to receive the World Cup trophy, the 19th time its been awarded.

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